The Gnomeish Workshop

I secured an escort to the workshop with Ayla. Together, we went down into the depths of the crystal cave. It is true what people say, it really is like a maze down there. I don’t know if it’s the bright light glinting from the crystalline walls, or if some mischievous magic is at work, but it’s like the interior of the cave moves. Deliberately.

The whole thing had me wondering whether the Gnomes had chosen this as the place for their workshop because of that fact; or if the Gnomes are orchestrating this phenomenon themselves. Who knows?

The deeper inside one delves, the walls change from rugged and natural, to smooth and worked – almost as if they’d been polished. You could hear the high pitch of their laughter – though I never sighted a single gnome on my way to the workshop. A few gems have been uncovered but then deliberately left within the walls in order to provide some measure of light.

The workshop was cut into the rock. Tools and crucibles lay upon the benches – but no example of their craft was left behind. The dust that covered the room was peppered with small footprints; these could belong to gnome or Gremlin for their size. Though, with our location in mind in tempted to say the former.

I hypothesise that the Gnomes are jewel crafting. What with the location, and the fact that none of their precious materials had been left behind. Are the jewels sold in human shops of Gnomeish origin?

Gnomes – Chapter 1

I admit, upon reaching my 27th advancement and thusly becoming able to safely explore the Hops Farm without harm to Gnomes, I came away from my first turns observations feeling underwhelmed.

Upon first impression, the Gnomes seemed silly. The sound of near constant giggling fills the air. I witness no word spoken between fellows. The farmstead itself has fallen into ruin under their rule. There are no signs of civilization – no beds, nests, dens or eating areas. There appears to be no hierarchy to their community. All in all, the Hops Farm Gnomes appear as uneducated rabble.

It begs the question, what are the Gnomes doing there? Initially, it appears that they’re here to scavenge – but lack the knowledge of farming themselves in order to keep the Hops Farm going. Or maybe they have no interest in agriculture? Thus far, nobody knows.